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AQUA ZONIC Eco Aquarium Heater (25W,50W,100W,150W,300W)


Aqua Zonic ECO Heater is a fully automatic heater with adjustable temperature setting. It ensures water temperature is consistent and the heat is evenly distributed throughout. Easy to use even for novice fish hobbyist.

  • Automatically maintains the selected temperature throughout the tank
  • Reliable construction and quality guarantees
  • Temperature dial is easy to read and set
  • Glass tube is specially toughened against heat and impact 
  • Visible ON/OFF indicator lamp.
  • Totally submersible.
  • Special adhesive suckers and clip to keep heater in place firmly.
  • Suitable for tropical or marine tanks.


  • Always submerge the heater before connecting it to the power mains and switching it on.
  • This is an indoor utilized item
  • Always maintain water level of tank, ensure the heater is always under the minimum water level mark.
  • Before performing water changes, ensure the heater thermostat and all other electrical items are disconnected from mains.
  • If the connection lead is damaged, the heater will no longer be functioning able.