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BIOHOME Ultimate 1kg


It is a sintered glass filtration media that houses billions of beneficial bacteria to get rid of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. BIOHOME is by far the most operational and cost effective biological media available. Premium water quality through the use of an effective natural and environmentally safe biological filter is essential for the good health of fish and plants, and to eliminate dissolved nitrogenous compounds. With BIOHOME, you can be confident that generous colonies of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria will be available to purify your water at all times.

What is BIOHOME?

It is a sintered glass filtration media that houses billions of beneficial bacteria to get rid of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. BIOHOME is by far the most operational and cost effective biological media available. Bacteria clings on better in BIOHOME than any other plastic media. This promotes fast growth and colonisation. It is safe, not harmful to fishes, and does not change mineral balance or pH.

BH Biohome CapEffect

BIOHOME is the most efficient and cost effective biological colonisation media available for nitrobacter, nitrosomonas, and other bacteria which adapt themselves to function in anoxic conditions.


Why do I need BIOHOME?

BIOHOME allows both nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria to grow in a single pellet, effectively getting rid of toxic and prevent green water.

With a proven porosity of 42%, BIOHOME has a usable specific surface area of 7300 sq ft per kg, about the size of 3 basketball courts. Bio-balls has only about less than 200 sq ft per kg. This saves you the amount of space and filter media required to build a biological filter.

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– Is compact and allow you to keep more fishes.
– Fuss-free maintenance and reduces the need to change water significantly.
– Promotes vibrant health for all aquatic life. Can be easily transferred from one filter to another.


How do I use BIOHOME?

BH Marine flow

With the massive surface area, you can say goodbye to huge and chunky biomats, bioballs, etc. Treating 3 tons of freshwater with 1 kg of BIOHOME, all you need is a very small compartment for biological filtration! (1 kg = 1.25 L)

If you are going to have a high stock loading (a lot of fish in a small area) you should allow approximately 1 cubic centimetre of BIOHOME to 8 cubic centimetres of fish by volume. ‘BIOHOME PLUS‘ is another similar product which has carefully chosen trace elements added to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. BIOHOME® ULTRAULTRA PLUS, and ULTIMATE are made with higher porosity (10% more) to support more oxygen exchange within the pellet, supporting better biological functions. These are generally larger pellets than BIOHOME® Standard & Plus.

In our experience we have found the best flow rate to be;

Marine : 10 mm / sec
Fresh : 5 mm / sec

This rate can be increased, however it doesn’t necessarily increase the efficiency of the unit. Optimum efficiency will be attained in zero light levels. However BIOHOME does operate in shaded environment.


What should I take note of?

BIOHOME is not a prefilter and does not function as a mechanical filter. it serves most effectively as a biological filter. Always have a good mechanical filter or prefilter before using BIOHOME.

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BIOHOME functions best in the last stage of the filter (last chamber) before water is discharged into the pond. Optimum efficiency is under zero light levels however BIOHOME does operate in shaded environment. Biohome is not a bacterial or chemical additive. BIOHOME provides the maximum possible surface area and void space for natural waste removal using non-toxic, industry grade materials and engineered micro tunnels within the pellets. Porosity extends through the pellet, meaning air can actually be blown through the centre of new pellets by mouth.


Biological filtration troubleshooting

Artificial aquatic environment must allow for removal of excessive solid waste, proteins and oils. Trace elements buildup through evaporation and depletion of other elements are also a factor to consider. We recommend a small, slow, regular exchange of water to maintain trace elements balance in household aquaria. Medications should always be used with extreme caution as many will kill off beneficial bacteria and most are detrimental, especially antibiotic treatments. Stable high quality water prevents many diseases.

Filter mat, foam, gravel clay, carbon lava, coral, or moulded plastics support only limited bacterial growth for removal of some nitrogenous compounds. Consequentially these materials are more suited to degassing and/or ion exchange than to effective biological filter operations.

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