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Japan HIBLOW Baby Air Pump

The Japan HIBLOW Baby Air Pump is an extremely silent air pump with oil-free electromagnetic technology that produces a stable air flow suitable for aquarium use.

Lubricant-Free. Clean Exhaust.

The Japan HIBLOW Baby Air Pump produces air flow without internal moving parts. Therefore, the motor has no lubrication or oil in it, and the exhaust air remains clean throughout when the pump is running.

The lubricant-free technology ensures clean water throughout use.

Extremely Silent

On top of the electromagnetic technology and non moving parts, there is excellent sound proofing construction done on the Japan HIBLOW Baby Air Pump, resulting in an exceptionally low noise during operation.

Stable Air Flow

The exhaust outlet is designed to achieved a constant stable air outflow with minimal pulsation, which makes the Japan HIBLOW Baby Air Pump suitable for aquarium applications where consistent air pressure and supply is desired.


Inside the Japan HIBLOW Baby Air Pump, potential vibrating parts are dampened by special synthetic rubber diaphragms. Hence, vibrations are absorbed and minimised during operation, resulting in durability of the pump long term.

Compact Size

At the core of the Japan HIBLOW Baby Air Pump is a pair of electromagnets (one positioned in the front and the other in the rear) that result in a smaller pump body without compromising on the air flow performance.

Energy Saving

Thanks to electromagnetic technology that replaces traditional moving parts, the Japan HIBLOW Baby Air Pump has a lower power consumption, and remains silent even during continuous operation.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Japan HIBLOW Baby Air Pump is virtually maintenance-free. In the event that the diaphragm does require replacement, the part can be modularly replaced.