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  • from $2.00

    JBJ Filter Pad Black/White (16.2 x 28cm)

    Suitable for Fresh and Salt Water There are 2 pieces in a packet Dimension : (16.2 x 28cm)  

    from $2.00
  • $6.50

    JBJ reducer pad (Ammonia/nitrate)

    High aquarium nitrate levels can cause a variety of issues for your fish including increased stress, lower immunity, decreased ability to reproduce...

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  • $6.00

    JBJ 3 in 1 Filter Pad (16.2 x 28cm)

    Suitable for Fresh and Salt Water Consists of : Phosphate Reducer Nitrate Reducer Activated Carbon Dimension : (16.2 x 28cm)

  • $15.00

    JBJ 3D Bio House (L size) 1.5L

    Abundant continuous rough porous structure which increase overall effective surface area.Abundant three-dimensional porous structure accel-erate tr...

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  • from $4.00

    JBJ Active Carbon (M) 20g,(L) 120g

    Made from high quality coconut shell Remove waste, colors, doors, and medications immediately Improve water clarity Acid washed and activa...

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    from $4.00
  • from $15.00

    JBJ Aquarium Pump (800,1300,1800,2300)

      800L/H High Performance Dual Nozzle Submersible Dual directional Silent Operation Energy Efficient Max Height : 1.1m Max Flow : 800L/H Watt : 1...

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    from $15.00
  • $12.00

    JBJ Culture Bacteria Ball (M size) 1.5L

    Special rough surface best for developing aerobic bacteria.Added diatomite, tourmalines and anion powder.Release of infrared rays to improve fish g...

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  • $18.00

    JBJ Culture Bacteria Hollow Ball (S size) 1.5L

    Hollow design accelerates diffusion rate of ni-trifying bacteria and enhances filtration effi-ciency.Hollow cavity of filter media forms hypoxic en...

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