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DYMAX IQ5 Acrylic Crystal Clear Aquarium 13L (Black Onyx)


The Dymax IQ5 mini acrylic aquarium is a ready-to-use fish tank that comes complete with the necessary aquarium accessories, such as LED light unit, filtration system and power head pump.

It is easy to maintain. Comes with a detailed instruction guide.

With the Dymax IQ5 Acrylic Aquarium, all you need is add water and your fishes, power on, and you are ready to go.


  • IQ skimmer attachable, for marine use
  • Only approximately 48% the weight of the glass
  • Compact in size and easy maintenance
  • Stronger, clearer and safer than glass
  • Has invisible sealing compound on all edges
  • Has no sharp edges
  • Curved edge - elegant and safe
  • Can be polished over light scratches
  • Complete filtration system
  • Power head with flow rate control
  • Micro processor base to control brightness of blue and white light


  • Tank size: 13 litres
  • Ultra-clear and durable 1/4 inch acrylic
  • Filtration system
  • Overflow system
  • Dimmable LED lighting (43 LED)
  • Adjustable flow pump
  • Dimensions: 27cm(H) x 22cm(W) x 27cm(D)

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