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Profiles: - optimal filtering effectiveness、 can ensure the quality of water transparent and clear. - physical at the same time、 chemistry、 three filtration effects of organisms, it has the effect of filtering impurities and microbial decomposition. - flow regulator adjusts the flow flow at will、 increase oxygen dissolved oxygen for biological needs. - use of ultra-silent water wing motors、 it 's working quietly、 easy observation and maintenance. - plastics for motor shafting (Pps) Manufactured、 can protect the shaft sleeve high temperature without deformation. - manufacture of motors and mainframes、 the appearance of the flow line is beautiful and does not leak water. Commodity specifications: - rulers: 31.5x5.2x16.5cm. - flow: 660l/h. - power: 6w. - suitable fish tanks: 55-70cm. - filtering: Four layers of filter.