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AQUA ZONIC Amphi Pump 5000

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AquaZonic® AMPHI PLUS is a variable speed pump designed and built for reliable pumping performance. The Inverter Technology allows efficient use of energy with energy savings of up to 70% while retaining strong and consistent water flow.


  • Adjustable Flowrate. Programmable to run at different flow-rates for wider applications, e.g. flowrate can be reduced at night to allow fish to rest, etc.
  • Advanced User Controls. 5-Speed | 15/60mins Feed Mode | Previous Setting Memory.
  • Inverter Technology. Energy savings of up to 70% while maintaining strong flowrate.
  • Intelligent Motor-Overheat Protection. Wear-resistant and provides better performance.
  • Multiple Sealing of Electronics. Electronics are encased in epoxy-resin for added protection.


  • Variable 5-speed. LED Indicators display the selected flowrate.
    1 – 20% 2 – 40% 3 – 60% 4 – 80% 5 – 100%
  • 15/60mins Feed Mode. When feed mode is activated, AMPHI PLUS will be turned off and restarted automatically after 15 or 60 mins. Press feed button to toggle between 15 or 60mins. Alternatively, press the power button to resume normal operation.
  • Previous Setting Memory. AMPHI PLUS remembers the last speed setting after it turns on after a power failure.

Using The Controller

Amphi Plus

  • Power On/Off – Press the universal power symbol button to Turn Amphi Plus ON/OFF.
  • Increasing or Reducing Flowrate – Amphi Plus allows you to choose your desired flowrate. Press the  button to increase flowrate and the  button to reduce flowrate. The LED will light up indicating your selected flowrate.