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AQUAEL MiniBoost 200 Air Pump

AQUAEL MiniBoost 200 Air Pump

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AQUAEL MiniBoost 200 is a small, powerful aerator pump with very low power consumption. With a practical rotary knob, the power can be infinitely adjusted. This allows you to adjust the air volume exactly to the requirements of each individual aquarium. The special construction of the membrane ensures a long service life of the aeration pump.

AQUAEL MiniBoost 200
+ aeration pump for aquariums from 150 up to approx. 200 L
+ Pump capacity: 2x 100 l/h
+ stepless adjustable
+ delivery height: approx. 70 cm
+ power consumption: 2.4 W
+ hose connection: 2x 4/6 mm air hose
+ dimensions: 12.6 x 5.9 x 4.8 cm

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