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AZOO PLUS Discus Vitamins 500ml



Specificallyfrniulated for the environmental and nutritional needs of Discus fish. 

  • Provides essential minerals and nutrients. 
  • Cures nutritional diseases of wild and captive bred Discus. 
  • Promotes healthy growth, vivid body colors, and good body shape 
  • Significantly enhances the metabolism and resistance to disease in fish. 

The brilliant functions: 

  1. Specifically formulated for the environmental and nutritional needs of Discus fish 
  2. Rich in vitamins Bf, B2, 86, A, D, E, glucans (immune polysaccharides) and coenzymes, supplementing essential nutrients for Discus fish. Greatly boosts their immunity and quickly revives their vitality. Promotes healthy growth, great body shape, and vibrant colors. 
  3. The natural formula effectively treats hole-in-the-head symptoms, body color melanosis (ordarkening disease), and Scoliosis. Promotes good metabolism and their resistance to disease. Also improves the Discus's adaptability to new environments and their spawning/hatching capabilities, increasing their survival rate. 
  4. Applying during the treatment and after care of diseased fish effectively raises their survival rate and shortens their recovery time. 

How to use? 

For regular use: Add 10ml per 100 liters of water once per week.  

Supplement for fish food, add a few drops to fish food, mix well, and feed to fish. The continual use of discus vitamins in fish food  for each meal provides them with their complete nutritional needs. 

When introducing new fish: Add 10mI per 100 liters of water 

During treatment of diseased fish: Add 10ml per 100 liters of water everyday. 

Shake well before use, and pour into the aquarium at the filter outlet. 

Close the bottle cap tightly after use, store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. 

One full cap is equal to 20ml. The inner cap is equal to 5ml.