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DiscusX Bactocide 2 (20g)


Bactocide 2 is an effective combination of compounds known to have anti protozoan, fungal and bacterial activity for use on ornamental fish. These compounds work synergistically yielding fast and strong results against bacterial, protozoan and fungal caused diseases, while being very gentle on the fish. The fish easily absorb Bactocide 2, making if very effective for both external and internal diseases.
Indication of use: Swim bladder infection, unbalanced fish that can’t swim upright, bloated stomach, fish not eating with stringy white poop, thick white poop, cloudy eyes, bulging eyes.
Method of use: Use one level measure of the included spoon (1 gram) for every 10 gallons (40 liters) of aquarium water. Leave it for 48 hours then change 25-100% of the water and repeat the treatment. It is preferable to mix the powder well with some aquarium water in an external container then distribute it evenly over the water or pour it in a high flow area (ex: pump return). Prior to the treatment, clean the filter and aquarium and maintain the filtration and aeration. In case of bloated stomach, we advise adding 20mg/100L Epsom salt.
Repeat the treatment for a total of three times. Extend the treatment up to 10 days in case of severe infections. Do not stop the treatment on the first signs of recovery to avoid re-infection, continue the treatment to at least six days.
Precaution: Store in a cool dry place, away from children reach. For use on ornamental fish only, not intended for use on fish for human consumption. Bactocide will have an impact on the bio-filter, therefore; it is preferable to use it in a hospital tank instead, except if you are dealing with a plague then the treatment should be in the main tank for all fish with filters running. All tools, nets and hoses should be disinfected. Well-established filters will not lose all its capacity.
Ingredients: Allicin, Hydrastis extract, Terminalia catappa extract, Gingerols, Echinacea pupurea extract, proprietary phytochemical compounds.