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N30 Nano Wool Pro-Grade Filter Media (5-Pieces Pack)

N30 Nano Wool Pro-Grade Filter Media (5-Pieces Pack)

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N30 Nano Wool Filter Media is a professional-grade filter media made for large scale aquarium but now available in cut sizes for home use.

The filter media traps fine sands, dirts, free-floating particulates and harmful toxins caused by wastes, excess food, decaying organic matters, thus keeps aquarium water clean and safe.

The N30 Nano Wool offers superior micro-filtration, developed specially to trap fine nano impurities, including fine sands, dirts, particles. It keeps your aquarium water crystal clear, ensures safe water for fishes, plants and corals.

The N30 Nano Wool Filters are used by professionals in large-scale commercial aquarium. Now your home aquarium can be protected by the same professional-grade filter media.

The Need for Filtration

Unlike the sea or lake, the water in an aquarium lacks circulation, resulting in harmful toxins build up.

Toxins are formed from waste matters, excess food, decaying dead organisms, free-floating particulate, chemicals in water etc. Excess amount of toxins endanger fishes, corals and living organisms.

This is why a good filter media is critical to keep fishes and corals safe.


  • Splinter Free
  • High Grade Wool
  • Long Lasting
  • Environment Friendly 


Nano Wool Filter Media is suitable for:

  • Marine and saltwater tank
  • Freshwater aquarium
  • Trickle filter, top filter, sump filtration, pond filtration, internal filter, canister filter.


  • Jumbo Pack (5 x Nano Wool Filters included)
  • Each Nano Wool Filter size : 195mm x 435mm


High-grade Nano Wool Filters:

  • Excellent mechanical filtration
  • Splinter free
  • High-grade Wool
  • Long lasting
  • Environment friendly
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