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Ziss ZB-150 Bubble Bio

The Ziss ZB-150 Bubble Bio is a self-cleaning, biological filter suitable for freshwater and marine aquarium up to 150 litres.

The Ziss ZB-150 Bubble Bio is designed for beneficial bacteria to populate within its media. The bacteria naturally break down bio wastes in aquarium water, turning water clean.

Air bubbles over its media, prevents media from clogging and ensures bio-filtration can take place more efficiently. This is why Ziss Bubble Bio is called a self-cleaning biological filter system.

You can use the Ziss ZB-150 Bubble Bio as a standalone filter for your small tank, or as part of a complete filter system for much larger tank setup.

Benefits of Ziss ZB-150 Bubble Bio Filter

  • World's first bubble-moving media filter
  • Excellent bio filtration by direct oxygen supply
  • Stable filtration due to self-cleaning filter media
  • Includes filter sponge to trap large debris
  • Includes moving media (ZM-1)
  • High quality product from Korea
  • Treats up to 150L of water