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Corydoras "Super" Arcuatus 8-9cm

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Size : 8-9cm

Arcuatus Corydoras is found in the upper Amazon region in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, upriver of the confluence between the Río Negro and Amazon, in South America.

Arcuatus Corydoras is an impressive little fish. It is usually found in nature is slow-flowing streams, on the margins of larger rivers, in marshland, in ponds and also in lakes but seldom, if ever, in stagnant water.

The Corydoras has a flat-bellied body with its back arched ahead of the dorsal fin. Corydoras are generally bottom-feeder, which is not to suggest that they eat rubbish, rather they thrive on food which has settled to the bottom. In the aquarium, Corydoras are regularly seen taking algae off the glass of the tank or off rocks within the tank.

A varied diet is important for optimal health. Include meaty foods when possible, either live or frozen. Shrimp, worms, insects, and any crustaceans are good choices. They seem to be particularly fond of bloodworms, brine shrimp, and daphnia.

  • pH:  6.0 - 7.6
  • Diet:  Omnivorous.  High-quality flake, pellet and wafer foods as well as frozen foods such as bloodworms and tubifex.
  • Temperature : 23° - 26° C