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DENNERLE Burma (5kg)

DENNERLE Burma (5kg)

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Dennerle Plantahunter Natural Gravel Burma is a 100% natural gravel without artificial colorants, and does not harm any of your tank inhabitants.

The choice of the substrate is crucial for the future appearance of your tank. Just like the plants and animals you choose, the substrate is decisive for the character of the aquascape. To achieve a natural look we recommend the use of different grain sizes of the same substrate type and to use the gravel in different areas and levels. For more contrast, you could even use different types. Plantahunter Natural Gravels are ideal for aquascapes as you can easily build true-to-nature underwater landscapes with these substrates. Different colors and forms allow you to create small individual areas, to set contrasts and accentuate your layout.

Plantahunter Natural Gravel Burma:

  • Burma comes in the sizes of 2-4 or 12-15 mm
  • colorful river gravel, naturally rounded grains
  • different hues of brown and beige, very natural appearance
  • can be combined with larger grained substrates
  • Light-resistant
  • Water-neutral
  • free from any pollutants

Each stone is rounded and without any sharp edges. Therefore suitable for catfishes and other ground living species. Dennerle Natural Gravel "Plantahunter" is a natural and untreated aquarium gravel for all aquariums and especially for Aquascaping tanks. The gravel can be used as standalone gravel or for setting accentes on a existing gravel or aquarium sand.

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