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DISCUSFOOD Golden Artemia Nauplien 250ml

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Discusfood Golden Artemia Nauplien are enriched Artemia nauplii (newly hatched Artemia Salina larva) for direct feeding. Artemia nauplii have some benefits compared to peeled Artemia eggs. Trough the use of Artemia nauplii, the aquarium inhabitants are feeded with a large amount of digestive enzymes, which only makes the nauplius at hatching. Thus, the digestion are growth of young fish and invertebrates is naturally encouraged. The nauplii in Discusfood Golden Artemia Nauplien are enriched with 2% fish oil, which provides the valuable Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which promote resistance to diseases. Discusfood Golden Artemia Nauplien can be use as raising food for young discus from the second day on. Also suitable as rasing food for all other fresh and marine water fish and invertebrates.

Feeding recommendation Discusfood Golden Artemia Nauplien
Shake bottle well. Before feeding bloat the removed portion with the same amount of aquarium water. Feeding several times a day in amounts, the fish can consume within a few miuntes.