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DISCUSFOOD pleco & catfish carni wafer 150g

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Carni Wafers are a natural nutrition for all carnivorous catfishes. They contain everything that Hypncistrus, Pseudacanthicus, Scobiancistrus and many other L-cats consume in their natural habitat. The main component is a bacterial protein that is similar to the natural growth of the substrate. Crustaceans and 10% insects complement the complete diet for carnivorous L-catfish. The composition corresponds approximately to the natural feeding of these fish. Carni waffles are not pressed food as tablets but extruded. The raw material is fed into this mold under high pressure. Valuable folders are preserved. Carni Wafers are falling to the ground.

Several times a day small portions during the day or at dusk, depending on eating habits.

Ingredients: Bacterial protein from Corynebacterium glutamicum, corn, wheat, protein, vegetables, insects 10%, 10% krill (MSC certified), algae, daphnia, Artemia, minerals, red salmon oil.

Additives: Vitamins, provitamins and substances that have a similar effect: 20000 IU, 1500 IU D3, E150 mg, 150 mg C, B1 7.5 mg, B2 10 mg, 50 mg B3, B6 6 mg, 0, 25 mg, folic acid 2.5 mg, choline chloride 300 mg, inositol 250 mg, pantothenic acid 25 mgl. Trace elements: E1 - iron sulfate, monohydrate 24 mg, E2 - potassium iodide 0.3 mg, E4 - copper sulphate, pentahydrate.

Analytical components: Crude protein 41%, Crude fat 4,8%, Crude fiber 4,8%, Crude ash 11,5%