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DiscusX Nutriboost Ruby (95g)


Nutriboost is fish feed additive for the home made DIY fish food. Nurtiboost brings in everything your fish will need for a healthy growth, development and much more.

Nurtiboost will boost your fish growth, make it shine in color, strengthen its immunity system and make it more resistance to disease.


  • Rapid Growth and healthy development
  • Contains DHA which provides energy for the fish and spare protein for growing
  • Brings out sparkling colors naturally
  • Strengthen the fish immunity system and resistance to path
  • Reduced PH of fish gut and thus suppress pathogenic bacteria activity in the gut
  • Stimulate fish breeding 
  • Enhanced male fertility and female egg numbers
  • Binds the food together, protect nutrients form leaching to the water
  • Does not cloud water

Complete DIY Fish Enrichment

  • Intensity bright Red colours
  • Fast Growth
  • Enhanced water quality
  • Blinds food well
  • Enhanced fish colours
  • Complete micro-nutrient profile
  • Quado-action immunity stimulants
  • Prevents white excrement
  • Promotes breeding 
  • Suppress Intestinal pathogens
  • Increase egg count & fertility