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DYMAX AP 700 Air Pump

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Dymax AP700 air pump represent leading edge technology to bring you an efficient and reliable product, great for general aeration, running sponge filters or creating the visual effect you want in your aquarium. Dymax Air Pumps come in a range of sizes and will aerate and add oxygen to the water of any size aquarium or fish tank. Well oxygenated water is beneficial to cold water, tropical and marine fish as well as all other living underwater creatures.

The AP range comes with 4 dampers at the bottom of the housing so as to reduced noise and vibration.

  • Recommended Aquarium Size: 100 – 200 liters
  • Speed Control: Yes
  • Number of Outlets: Twin
  • Operating Voltage: 240/50Hz
  • Power: 2.9W
  • Adjustable Speed: Yes
  • Efficient to run
  • High quality robust units that have been built to last
  • Silent operation
  • Simple diaphragm replacement