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Eheim air 200


The new EHEIM Air pump comes complete with EHEIM diffusor and air hose. The pump is ready to use, you will need no other equipment. The EHEIM Air pump is continuos ulta-quiet and the air flow level can be adjusted on the pump. The air flow level and apperance can be also adjusted on the new EHEIM diffusor. With the wall hook, the air pump can be fitted on the wall over the aquarium.

Technical data EHEIM Air pump 200:
- Pump output: 200 l/h (2x 100 l/h)
- Pump height: 2 m
- Power consumption: 4,0 W 230 V/50Hz
- Hose size: 4/6 mm
- 2 adjustable outputs
- incl. 2 diffusors and 2 m air hose

What's Included?

1x Eheim 200 Air Pump

1x Eheim Suction Mount Air Diffuser

1 Meter Air-Line Tubing