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EIHO Ich Ex 250ml

EIHO Ich Ex 250ml

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Ich Ex

is effective against resistant strains of ich/whiote spot disease. White spot disease can infect the whole population of fish in the aquarium . In planted aqauria, it can be difficult to add common anti white spot medication, as it may contains harmful chemical such as copper or malachite green. These harmful chemicals can kill sensitive fishes, shrimps and affect beneficial bacteria.

Ich Ex

does not contain copper or malachite green . Does not dye aquarium water. Safe for planted aquarium, shrimps, corys and pleco (scaleless fish).It can be used to cure Marine white spot caused by Cryptocaryon irritation and does not affect beneficial bacteria.


1 cap (5ml) for 25L. Shake well before use.

Remove activated carbon during treatment.

For resistant cases of ich infection , please repeat treatment after every 3 days (with 25% water changes). For a maximum duration of 14 days.

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