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Flame Tetra


Flame tetras are found in South America in the coastal rivers of eastern Brazil and around Rio de Janeiro in the Guanabara bay region, Paraiba do Sul, and the Guandu River basins as well as Sao Paulo in the upper Tiete River basin. These tetras prefer slow-flowing creeks, river tributaries, and backwaters. Flame tetras were first imported to Europe in 1920 and to the United States soon afterward. 

This fish's body is elongated, slightly compressed, and is shiny silver in color. Its sides are bronze to red, and its back is brilliant red as are the majority of its fins. The anal fin has a black leading edge and tip.

Easy to feed. It will readily accept just about anything offered. For the best condition and colours offer regular meals of small live and frozen foods such as bloodwormDaphnia and brine shrimp, along with dried flakes and granules. Some vegetable matter should also be included in the diet. Try spinach leaves or a good quality algae based flake.

Temperature: 22 to 27°C

pH:  5.8-7.8

Hardness: 3 to 15°H