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Fluval Power Filter

Fluval Power Filter

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Product specifications:

Fluval C2 Power Filter

Max Flow Rate: 450 LPH (119 GPH)
Fluval C3 Power Filter
Max Flow Rate: 580 LPH (153 GPH)
Fluval C4 Power Filter
Max Flow Rate: 1000 LPH (264 GPH)

Benefits of Fluval C-series Power Filter

  • External Filter Pump - suitable for both fresh or marine aquariums
  • An extensive 5-stage filtration process ensures water is clean and clear
  • Patented modular design allows users to manage / clean each filter chamber separately (each chamber can be removed for rinsing independently)
  • A total of 5 chambers comprising two mechanical, one chemical and two biological filter chambers
  • Quick & easy maintenance (see photo above)
  • Cleaning Indicator pops up when it is time to rinse
  • Mechanical foam coagulates on the foam plate which slides out easily for quick rinsing
  • Stand-alone chemical basket that is easy to refill & install

How water is filtered through the Fluval C-series Power Filter:

  • Dual Mechanical filtration stage: Large and fine debris are removed
  • Single Chemical filtration stage: Toxins are removed by activated carbon media
  • Dual Biological filtration stage: Friendly bacteria that colonise on the Bio-Screen pad naturally filters the water

Accessorices included

  • Poly/Foam
  • Activated Carbon
  • C-Nodes
  • Bio-Screen Pad 
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