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Frozen Fairy Shrimp (100g)

Frozen Fairy Shrimp (100g)

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Not your regular fairy shrimps but its Branchinella Thailandensis aka Thai Fairy Shrimps is especially potent in color enhancement  with its high Astaxanthin and a very good overall balanced diet with high Protein and low Ash content.

Most products use highly processed Astaxanthin (Chemical form) as a color enhancer which causes disease  due to Malabsorption (unable to absorb) hence becoming a toxin.

Ideal for Goldfish,  Betta, Discus, Cichlids, Pleco Marine Fishes & many more small medium fishes.

Benefits : Enhance the color of your fish (Noticeable by 4th week) Active and Healthier fish. 100% feed rate.

Direction of usage: Simply break a small portion and rinse in a container of water till it thaws. Feed no more than your fish will consume within 1 minute to prevent the cause of water quality issues from over-feeding.

Packet weight : 100g per packet

Nutritional Value :

Protein : 64.65%

Fat : 7.57%

Carbohydrate : 16.24%

Fiber : 5.12%

Ash : 6.42%

Carotenoid (Color Enhancer) 

Lutein : 1.91%

Beta-carotene : 15.31%

Astaxanthin : 65.08%

Canthaxanthin : 17.69%


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