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JBL ProAqua Test NH4

JBL ProAqua Test NH4

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The JBL ProAqua Test NH4 Ammonium is designed for the measurement and routine control of the ammonium/ammonia content in freshwater and saltwater within the range 0.05 to 5,0 mg/l (ppm).

Why test? The degradation or mineralisation process of all organic substances in the aquarium and pond follows these stages: proteins > ammonium > nitrite > nitrate. By measuring these stages conclusions can be drawn about the “functioning” of the systems aquarium and pond. If the ammonium or nitrite level is too high it can lead to disturbances of the bacterial balance. Ammonium is not usually measurable in a well-kept aquarium with an effective biological filter or in a properly set up garden pond. Ammonium is an important plant nutrient and normally non-toxic for fish. But depending on the pH value, ammonia, which is toxic for fish, can be formed from the ammonium ion.

The compensation method developed specially by JBL allows precise and reliable results to be obtained even in moderately discoloured aquarium water, e.g. caused by peat filters and disease treatment.(Recommended level max.: 0.25 mg/l NH4).

+ for approx. 50 measurements with glass cuvette
+ for fresh- and saltwater
+ Measurement range from 0.05 to 5.0 mg/l ammonium
+ Colour scale with 9 colours from light green to dark olive
+ table included showing resulting ammonia content
+ laboratory compensation system compensates water discoloration
+ includes syringe to measure amount of water

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