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Your aquarium needs JBL Denitrol, because the beneficial cleansing bacteria contained in JBL Denitrol clean the aquarium water by biological means and rapidly break down pollutants. Especially in newly set up aquariums, the result is the best possible healthy aquarium water within a short space of time.

JBL Denitrol 10 billion (per 100 ml) of 8 different harmless species of bacteria with synergic effect in a new formula, designed for the specific breakdown of organic impurities (mould, feed residues), ammonia and nitrite in the aquarium water.JBL Denitrol contains 8 bacteria cultures working in synergy to break down proteins (heterotrophic bacteria), ammonium and nitrite. New aquariums can immediately be stocked with 1 cm fish per 2 litres of aquarium water after adding JBL Denitrol. After 14 days the fish stock can be increased.

Dosage JBL Denitrol
When setting up an aqaurium or after disease treatment add 10 ml per 20 l of aqaurium water. For partial water change add 10 ml per 300 l of water. Please use a double dosage in saltwater. Overdosage does not lead to further problems.