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JBL NovoGrano Color 250ml


JBL NovoGrano Colour contains a variety of ingredients that support not only superb health and growth in your fish, but also enhances the beautiful colours too. It's perfect for fish from 6-15cm in size.

NovoGrano is a granular formula that has been designed for a variety of fish. Some particles of food will float, so that surface eaters can feed, whilst some food sinks, perfect for mid and bottom feeders, such as catfish.

The food has a boost of vitamin C which supports the immune system and promotes a stronger resistance to stress and diseases.

The food is made using a high temperature method for easier digestion, which means little waste and optimum results. It contains a wide range of top quality ingredients, including carotenoids and unsaturated fatty acids which will boost the naturally stunning pigments of tropical fish.

The tub has a unique dispensing lid that delivers just the right amount to feed 5 fish.


Key Features:

  • Floating and sinking particles mean that all fish can feed.
  • Contains a high level of carotenoids to boost colours.
  • Boost immunity to disease.
  • Easy digestion for low waste.
  • Unique dispensing lid.

Analysis: Crude Protein 40%, Crude Fat 7%, Crude Fibre 3.5%, Crude Ash 9%, Phosphorous 09%