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JPD Goldfish Feed Kingyo Zen - Mucous Enhancer 220G (Floating)

JPD Goldfish Feed Kingyo Zen - Mucous Enhancer 220G (Floating)

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Health care ingredients
Goldfish set contains β-glucan of stable and constant quality obtained by culturing black yeast (Aureo) . In addition , by maintaining the immune system of goldfish healthy by blending specially cultivated Torula yeast , we have realized a reliable and swift response to bacteria invading the body.

Good bacteria that reach the intestines alive eliminate bad bacteria in the intestines and maintain a healthy immune system.
Among many natto bacteria, the goldfish set contains a good bacteria called toyoselin. It contains a carefully selected mix of Bacillus bacteria that dormant in the grain of food and can germinate and act within the body of a goldfish . It supports digestion in the intestine, helps to decompose the excreted feces, and at the same time helps to decompose the sludge accumulated in the filter even after excreted with the feces, so it is also effective in purifying water quality .

The difference between "paprika" and "spirulina"
Spirulina, which is a phytoplankton, is often used as a coloring ingredient in goldfish. The goldfish set is mixed with vegetable paprika pigment. Paprika is a natural fried pigment containing zeaxanthin.
There is a difference in palatability and spirulina has a bitter taste, whereas vegetable paprika has a sweet taste.
With the combination of paprika pigment and Phaffia yeast containing high concentration of astaxanthin, beautifully frying effect can be expected for indoor-reared goldfish . *Goldfish set coloration, body weight enhancement, floatability, body weight enhancement, sinkability

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