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Mr.Aqua Aquarium Filter Sponge 3 in 1(Trickle Filter)

Mr.Aqua Aquarium Filter Sponge 3 in 1(Trickle Filter)

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Mr Aqua 3 in 1 chemical filteration wool

1. Applicable to fresh water tanks: sea water tanks, water tanks, ponds, and can be cut freely according to the size required, and can be placed in various filters such as upper type, drum type, trickle type, submerged type and so on.

2. It has the best effect on decomposing excreta and feed residues.

3. Filter sewage, improve water quality, cleanliness, and reduce fish mortality.

4. The dense pore gap and softness material are the best filter cotton for cultivating excellent nitrifying bacteria.

5. The excellent material never deforms, has a long service life, and can be arbitrarily cut in various shapes according to the filter space. It is the best biological filter material. It is generally replaced every two months. When the concentration of phosphate and ammonia increases, it is recommended to shorten the replacement time. .

(Biological, Mechanical, Chemical sponge) – Suitable for Fresh and Marine aquarium tank

Blue color sponge – Biological filter sponge which helps promote bacteria growth and break down of toxic ammonia/waste in the water


Black color sponge – Contain carbon which Effectively removes harmful heavy metals and substances from the water, and helps make water clear

Grey color sponge – Remove P04 ( Phosphate ) from the water which helps prevents algae growth.

Dimension ; 27.5 cm x 16cm x 8cm ( Thickness)

 ** Made in Taiwan **

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