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Mr.Aqua PH meter

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1. Led, professional level、 high accuracy. - keep abreast of ph values in aquarium, mastery of water quality and changes, it 's fish farming、 shrimp non-existent monitoring tools. - innovative water-throwing function, reduce damage to machinery by damp or water - fish tank fixtures, the monitor can be hanged in the easy-to-observe position of the fish tank. - excellent water quality monitors available for both pale seawater. Commodity specifications: - scope of measurement: Ph0-ph9.9 (Ph10 or more not showing ten digits, and the light indicates 0.0 for ph 10.0 and 1.2 for 11.2. - resolution values (Reading value): 0.1 ph. - error measurements (Accuracy): Positive or negative 0.1 ph. - power supply instructions: 0.56 large led lighting instructions. - temperature range: 0-50 degrees c. - use of power sources: Ac110v/60hz. - power supply: 110v60hz - electricity consumption: Approx. 2w - appearance size: 150x80x 45m m