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NUTRAFIN Floating Turtle Pellet 360g


NUTRAFIN Floating Turtle Pellet have been specially formulated to provide a complete diet for all turtles and terrapins. Feed only as much food as the turtle will completely consume within 2 minutes.

Nutrafin basix Floating Turtle Gammarus Pellets contains gammarus shrimp which are a highly nutritious invertebrate that are a natural source of calcium. Nutrafin basix Floating Turtle Gammarus Pellets should be fed as a core diet.

 The easily digested floating food sticks are effortlessly consumed by turtles, helping to control their messy feeding habits. Turtles and terrapins should be fed a varied diet containing freeze-dried foods like Nutrafin basix Turtle Snack (freeze-dried Gammarus).


Fish meal, soy flour, wheat flour, oat flour, shrimp meal, yeast, kelp meal, fish liver meal.