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OCEAN FREE 3DM Bacto-Sand 5Kg

OCEAN FREE 3DM Bacto-Sand 5Kg

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Beautifies and Enhances Water Quality!

OF® 3DM Bacto-Sand is a revolutionary man-made “sand” that functions as a beneficial bacteria sand-bed, allowing you to create a beautiful natural environment for your fishes while keeping your water clean! The macro-porous structure greatly boosts the beneficial bacteria population and increases the rate at which harmful toxins like Ammonia and Nitrite are broken down.


Crafted entirely using advanced manufacturing technology, Bacto-Sand’s rounded surface encourages water flow which prevents the build-up of harmful toxins in the sand-bed. Its rounded surface also makes it safe for the barbels of bottom-feeders like Corydoras, Loaches, etc. This sterilized and pH-neutral sand does not contain any impurities, making it 100% safe and 100% ready to use.

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