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Pleco LDA105 Typhoon #003 25-26cm

Pleco LDA105 Typhoon #003 25-26cm

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Size 25-26cm

Of all the Cactus Plecos, this is currently the most sought-after and expensive one. It entered the trade in the mid 2000's, and never managed to establish it's position among fishkeepers since it's not allowed for export from Brazil. So far, no one succeeded in breeding the species in captivity either, so for the time being all specimens circulating in the trade are smuggled out of Brazil and offered at horrendous prices. Most of them end up at the Asian market. Still, there are a few enthusiasts keeping them even in Europe, so let's hope the species will be bred and spread around in the hobby so more people can enjoy them. 

Pictures are for reference on the species. Please message contact or whatpp us if you would like to select a specific specimen.

Whatapp: 97383837

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