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Rummy Nose Tetra

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The rummy-nose tetra is fusiform in shape, whose basal body colour is a translucent silvery colour suffused in some specimens with a greenish tint: iridescent green scales are frequently seen adorning the fish at the point where the fontanel meets the body. The fins are hyaline, with the exception of the caudal fin. This fin being adorned with black and white horizontal stripes, variable in number, but usually comprising one central black stripe in the central portion of the tail fin, with two horizontal black stripes upon each caudal fin lobe, the spaces between the stripes being white, the total count of black stripes being five. The head is a deep red colour, iridescent in lustre, with the red continuing into the iris of the eye, and some red colouration extends beyond the operculum into the anterior-most section of the body proper. Some specimens classified as Hemigrammus rhodostomus possess three black tail stripes instead of five, and some specimens classified as Petitella georgiae have a black stripe in the caudal peduncle extending forwards into the body, surmounted above by a thin iridescent gold line: however, whether these features are reliable determinants of species identity has yet to be fully ascertained.

Male and female individuals exhibit no obvious visual differences, other than increased fullness of the body outline in ripe females

The tetra rummy nose eats a variety of meals, rarely discriminating any particular type of food so long as it is small enough to get into its tiny mouth. The most popular foods that may be easy to find for it are granules and dried flakes. 

  • pH:5.5 – 7.0
  • KH: 10-12
  • Temp: 24– 27 C