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SEACHEM Discus Trace 250ml


Seachem Discus Trace

Discus Trace™ supplies a broad range of trace elements demonstrated* to be necessary for proper fish health and growth. Unlike terrestrial animals, fish obtain nutrients from both their food and environment. Trace elements are normally depleted by utilization, oxidation and precipitation; thus, it is important to restore them on a regular basis. Discus Trace™ contains only those elements demonstrated* to be required by fish.


Aquarium salt is often used to add salts back to aquarium water. Some fish will tolerate this therapeutic use of salt; however, some fish are less tolerant. Discus as a species will not tolerate this elevated level of sodium in the water. If you keep live plants in your discus aquarium, the plants will not tolerate this either. Discus Trace™ is a well-rounded trace mineral supplement that does not contain sodium and is used to replenish trace and ultra-trace minerals that are demonstrated to be necessary for fish health and growth.