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Seachem pH Alert (6 Month) 

Seachem pH Alert is a small unobtrusive sensor with a size that is almost half and lasts up to 4 times as long as competing products. It monitors the water 24 x 7 and changes colours according to the pH level.

Seachem pH Alert continually monitors the pH level of freshwater aquarium and visually alerts you by colour changes on its sensor.

Simply place the Seachem pH Alert in the aquarium or filter and it will monitor pH continuously. Its sensor changes color reversibly from yellow to orange to red, alerting you to shifts in pH levels between 5.4 and 8.0.

Seachem pH Alert is for Freshwater use only.


Simply place Seachem pH Alert visibly anywhere in the aquarium or filter and match the sensor color to the corresponding pH reading on the color wheel. Its that easy. No chemicals or test procedures are required. When first put in service, response time will be about 30 minutes. Thereafter, pH shifts will register within ten minutes.


No care is required beyond removing algae with a clean, soft material. Do not use bleach, soap, detergents or hard objects to clean the sensor. Some dye medications may discolor the sensor. For maximum sensitivity, the unit should be read under natural daylight or daylight simulating light. Sensor exhaustion is indicated by a visible fading or washing out of sensor color. Once exhausted, it is time to replace pH Alert.