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SERA Total Hardness-Test GH

SERA Total Hardness-Test GH

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Sera GH-Test (Total Hardness) measurement up to 420°GH

Contents: 15 ml vial with dropper, graduated 20 ml tube.

Countries of origin of most of the ornamental fish, the land is poor in minerals.
In many countries of the world is exactly the opposite.
The rain dissolves the calcium and magnesium from the soil through and so is enriched by the minerals that make up the total hardness.
By Sera gH-Test we can determine quickly and accurately the total hardness.
A comparison with conditions in nature helps to combine the aquarium fish community in the right way or in connection with the reproduction.
A total hardness is too high is lowered by mixing tap water with water of osmosis.
The addition of Combined Aqutan Sera Sera Morena and following the instructions for use or filtering with Sera Granulated peat overactive provide water suitable for the majority of South American fishes (eg those of the Amazon). 

Instructions for use:

Shake well before using the reagent!

  1. Rinse the tube several times with water to be tested and then fill it up to the sign of 5 ml. Dried, then, the tube externally.
  2. The reagent is added in drops. E 'need shake the tube after each drop added until the color changes from red to brown and the last straw to a dark green.
  3. The number of drops used is the total water hardness (° dGH), pe 5 drops = 5 ° dGH.
  4. Clean: before and after each test is necessary to clean the tube thoroughly with tap water.

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