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SUNSUN Internal Filter HN-012

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Sunsun HN-012 aquarium turtle lizard fish tank fountain water interior small mute filter

Can be used for low water level aquariums as the internal filter sucks in water through the bottom.


  • This product is suitable for low-density breeding tanks such as aquatic, swamp-type reptile breeding boxes, small and medium-sized aquarium filtration, and three-dimensional landscape design. 
  • This product has built-in low-power, high-efficiency silent water pump, which integrates functional fish such as circulation, filtration and aeration. 
  •  Gas waterfall type aeration filtration, the water level can be adjusted according to the demand, and the dissolved oxygen amount can be increased. 
  •  The two stable methods of hook and suction cup are suitable for high and low positions. 
  •  Other filter materials can be added according to the density and type of feeding.    

HN-012 specification:

    • Filter size: 21.1 * 9 * 6.8 cm
    • AC: 220-240V 50Hz
    • Power: 3 W
    • Maximum flow: 300L / H
    • Power cord length : 1.5m
    • Suitable for: 40L aquarium tank