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Tropica Specialised Nutrition 125ml

Premium Nutrition without nitrogen and phosphor for aquariums with many fish- 6 mL a week per 50 L water is easily dispensed with the pump and ensures proper plant growth. 
  • Contains iron, manganese and vital micro nutrients
  • Does not contain nitrogen and phosphor
  • Suitable for aquariums with few or slow-growing plants and many fish

How to use the product

  • Specialised Nutrition is added each week when the water is changed.
  • The pump bottle dispenses 2 mL per push.
  • We recommend 6 mL (3 pumps) per 50 L water weekly.
  • However, we recommended that this is set in accordance with plant requirements.
  • Specialised Nutrition contains, in addition to micro-nutrients, all essential macro-nutrients.
  • The fertiliser is particularly suitable where plants display a lack of nutrition. However note that if algae growth starts, Specialised Nutrition will promote this growth.
  • Specialised Nutrition contains nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P).
  • Dosage must therefore be adapted to plant absorption rates, to avoid undesirable algae growth.
  • Where signs of algae growth develop, reduce the dosage by 50% and increase water changing frequency by 50%.
  • Changing the water not only reduces the concentration of nutrients in the water, but also removes algae spores, remnants and other accumulated elements from the aquarium water.