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TROPICAL Supervit Premium 8 mix Flakes 250ml


SUPERVIT multi-ingredient flakes with beta-glucan. SUPERVIT is a universal flake food for everyday feeding of most species of omnivorous fish. Nutritional and energetic needs are satisfied by an exceptionally rich formula based on a few dozens of best quality ingredients. Eight different types of flakes contain i.a. natural immune stimulator – beta-glucan – and spirulina, squid, and crustaceans, including tasty krill. Immunity is also enhanced by stabilised vitamin C. Natural carotenoids intensify fish's coloration and enhance the overall condition of fish. Such a diversified formula makes SUPERVIT particularly useful in popular multi-species tanks, where it serves as a base for further supplementation with herbivorous and high-protein foods, as needed.

It consists of 8 different types of flakes, including ingredients such as the natural immune stimulator beta-glucan, astaxanthin, kelp and spirulina algae, crustaceans and plankton. Dozens of carefully selected components, vitamins and trace elements meet the nutritional and nutritional needs of the most popular fish. Thanks to the unusually rich Supervit formula, this product is an ideal main source of fish food in aquariums with different types of fish, along with vegetables or protein supplements. Other recommended foods in the form of flakes: Vegetable and Vitality-Color.